Lieksa sextreffit

lieksa sextreffit

ads from the movie I was interested in seeing this movie. He observes that the destination is not important. They name the man Kasper. Audience Reviews, there are no featured reviews for. Movie Info, one headstrong woman tries to keep her oddball family from heading off the rails in this bizarre comedy. Overall i would recommend this movie to my friends to watch even though it is very hard to get your hands on a English copy. Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd.

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The story of a young man that gets hit in the head and starts his life anew, like a baby - learning to walk, to talk, to feel, and the last but not the least, to understand - is simple but appealing. Bertishki / m timonenko /. Audience score, average Rating: 3/5, user Ratings:. Kasper doesn't say anything during the movie, until in the last few minutes. Kind of basic story. (Lieksa is actually one of the smallest and most insignificant towns in Finland). Then when Laszlo (Frantzen) comes back to family, the story starts to change more to some gangster stuff. Things are complicated by the fact, that Kasper can't utter a word and when the dangerous, handsome Laszlo, the black sheep of the family shows up, he starts to romance Lara, who is starting to grow weary with Kasper's silence.

lieksa sextreffit