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reached Chicksands; but I remember how much his letter deflated my expectations (a good thing). The base is small, even smaller than Goodbuddy. Presently, some of the barracks are being fixed up and shouldnt be too bad once everything is done. The base is quite pretty; hence the name: Showcase of Europe. If you think the BX at Goodfellow is bad, wait till you get here. Lets face it the life at Chicksands isnt going to be all that great; no matter what they told you at your briefing. Keep a smile on your face. There is an eight lane bowling alley on base which is always in use. Like I said, there isnt much I can tell you that would not sound like a put.

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We have a BX that is quite small and not very good, but there are three fantastic BXs located at Mildenhall, Lakenheath, and South Ruislip that you can easily get. You will be pulling details up at work, in the squadron area and in the barracks. The three days of break gives you ample time to travel around the country or just catch up on your sleep. They have a wide range of entertainment ranging from dancing, floor shows to strip shows. It is a good place to meet the British girls. Jeffrey Ewing (26/6/07) w that the website has become sane again I will provide my new email address. The base is really hipped up on haircuts, shoe shines, and saluting officers in your civies. Robert had been at Chicksands for a few months and was designated as my sponsor. There is an Airmans Club that costs a buck a month to belong. Hopefully a few early 1970's folks that I have lost touch with since the 2000 reunion will email me with updated contact information. At that time I was about two weeks from leaving Goodfellow. The theaters or cinemas, as the Blokes call them, in the English communities are quite good.

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