Drupal 7 dating site

drupal 7 dating site

the Token module about how to handle field tokens. Most of those entities have date fields of one kind or another - changed, created, timestamp, etc, on top of any Date fields that might have been added to them. If you click on that 'Add from template' link in the latest code you will see that you have a list of calendar templates available, one for each date field that the Date API can use in a calendar. The code to create custom, localized, date formats was added to the Drupal 6 version of the Date module. The new hooks include things like and And there are two new modules that serve as an illustration of how other modules can use these hooks. And if you created a calendar by cloning the default calendar view, the only other way to do it, you had to do a lot of clicking and checking to be sure you found and replaced all the default date fields with the date field.

I have a question about building dating web site with drupal.
I prefer to work with the latest version of Drupal ( 7 but Drupal 6 is also.
The Drupal Handbook pages are at Date/Calendar Documentation.

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It adds a new view mode, the 'ical' view mode, to the Display Fields page so you can configure exactly what you want to have in the iCal description field. And we need to continue philadelphia musta dating sivustoja to make performance improvements. I hope the above notes make it all clear. Not having tried it, I can't vouch for it, but if you really want reminders for anonymous users, I suggest you take a look at Anonymous Date Reminder. Date Reminder and Rules Date Reminder has some minimal support for Rules. In its current state, it actually doesn't have any dependency on the Calendar module, and people were asking about separating it out so it could be used on non-Calendar views. We need lots and lots and lots of documentation. I'm very happy with the results.

This allows a site administrator do a few things like add or remove reminders when some rules event occurs. My planning for the upcomming year is to develop a matchmaking modul for drupal.